Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Farloft's Friends Selfie

It's Appreciate a Dragon Day and My Birthday!
To Celebrate my friends and I got together for a feast.
My friend, Kitsooki from Deviant Art, immortalized us.
Thank you Kits!

Top, Middle: Me... Farloft the Dragon

Left side - Going Down (my right): Ranchr, Callak Skytower, Darris Whompa, Darkk, Yoji, Sasta, Zudic, Kor'Zulega, Blue Hasia, Yogoloth, TMDrake and Dofain

Right side - Going Down (my left): Qtho, Storm Gryphon, Levi Currie, GRN Dragon, Aviathrym, Daerevardul, Amrien, Sundavar (orange fox), Enalys, ZephyrNF, Dreccan of Paws, Kyooshi,  Dracunculus, Sulenx

Bottom, Middle: Kitsooki, Connor

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