Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Gathering of Dragons - 5 Star Review

Thank you, David Stevens. A big wing hug from me and Snow!



This is the latest offering in the Farloft series of books about dragons and their kind. The tale is an adventure with far more than just adventuring to recommend it. It is an easy relaxing read, designed for all ages, though more especially for the younger reader or for that special bedtime story.

Despite this, adults of all ages who enjoy the thought of dragons as being friends, not blood thirsty killing machines as history has a tendency to described them, will also love these tales and especially this latest one.

Farloft sets out to save his family, his friends, his country, and his home. To do so he must first recruit a range of other dragons and helpers to his cause, some of whom are reluctant at best to join said cause. The machinations, twists and turns, the lightness amidst what should be darkness and the hope that flows from the tale are enlightening and make the reader feel carried along in the world of dragons.

As a final thought, I would have to say that this book has the ability to grab a tight, but friendly hold, on the reader from page one and not let go to the very last word has been read. I would give it five stars and more if they were available, so why not give it a try? You won’t regret it.

- David Stevens
  Author of The Lifestone Chronicles

Friday, November 27, 2020


Here is an excerpt from my New Book... A GATHERING OF DRAGONS! 

On sale now for your Holiday entertainment...



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 NOW for the Teaser...

Kingdom of Jaldraak – Outside Wallington


The fog was dense and cold. With Adrian on his back, Farloft spread his wings and sailed quietly in for a landing outside the township of Wallington. The big dragon sank into the muddy field up to his ankles.

“Let me get you to drier ground before you slid off,” Farloft whispered to Adrian.

He padded quietly out of the field, listening intently and watching for movement. The fog was so thick he didn’t realize he had reached the road until his paws stopped making a sucking sound each time he took a step forward.

Adrian pulled his hood down and rose up in the stirrups of the saddle. “I can’t see anything to get my bearing. Do you know where we are?”

Farloft pointed with a wing. “Wallington is about a mile that way.” The big dragon stepped off the road and headed up toward the shelter of the woods. “I will stay here while you go in. You have the Dragoncall, if you need me.”

This was the arrangement they had made over and over during the past month as they travelled. They flew by night, then found a place for Farloft to wait while Adrian went into the community with his stories and songs, but also to listen. Even though the bard had previously brought news from Jaldraak, the old dragon insisted on being thorough. He wanted to start in Jaldraak and work their way south to Wallington and the source.

“Oh, that’s not good,” Adrian said, as they walked by a tree with a posted notice on it.

Farloft stopped and bent his head to read. It was a wanted poster. He reached out and tore the paper from the tree leaving deep claw marks in its place.

“One hundred gold coins and ten parcels of land as bounty for me?” The dragon boomed. “I am worth far more than that!” The old beast was insulted by the poster rather than frightened.

“Well, perhaps it is all the Crown on this side of Westridge has to offer,” Adrian tried to soothe him. The dragon was growing so warm beneath him he could feel it through the saddle.

“Nonetheless,” Farloft snorted in indignation. “King Tallis offered ten times that for my head when he ruled Baldar!”

“And when was that?” Adrian asked.

“Hummm,” the dragon mused, “perhaps a century ago, or maybe two.”

“Well,” Adrian said with a lift of his brow, “times are hard these days.”

Farloft crushed the poster in his paw and tossed it to one side. “Not an excuse for devaluing a dragon’s worth,” he grumbled.

The dragon huffed and extended a wing so the bard could dismount.

“If I’m not back in three days, you come find me.”

Farloft nudged the bard in the back with his nose. “If you are not back in three days, I may burn the castle down after that insult,” he said nodding toward the crumpled paper.

“Please don’t,” Adrian advised. “We were sent here to find out about a possible war, not start one.”

Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Gathering of Dragons

 My new Farloft Chronicle is set for pre-sale October 31, 2020. I hope you will join me and Snow, a gryphon friend, as we travel the world to gather dragons for a battle to save my kingdom.

Here is a preview of the cover by Elizabeth Bailey. She has a few finishing touches to do, but I think Snow and I are looking great heading out on our adventure.

Friday, August 28, 2020

WINNERS of my 2020 Coloring Contest

 I know you have been waiting for the results of my 2020 Coloring Contest... 

Thank you to all who entered. 

It was a hard decision for our judges:
Jenny Burke, C.L. Schneider, Dianne Astle, and Lexi Miles 


Saturday, July 25, 2020

2020 Color Contest!

Snow and I want to welcome you to our 2020 Coloring Contest!

Theresa, my scribe, and I have been having fun developing the coloring pages with the assistance of Elizabeth Bailey, a delightfully talented graphic artist Theresa knows. *grins with excitement*

We hope you will all participate and wish you all luck!


Saturday, February 8, 2020

Trollik and Ragnadolf's Hoard

Trollik, the black dragon, asked me to have my scribe write down how we met,
and our adventure together when I was on my youngling dragon quest years ago. 

It just so happens that my scribe, Theresa, has completed the tale, and it is 
Trollik's Hatchday! 
We dragons have great timing...

Now on with the story...

Trollik and Ragnadolf’s Hoard
By Theresa Snyder

Farloft watched as the large black dragon glided around the edge of the high beach cliff. This was the third day of following the dragon. His dark body, with dark blue fur accents on his tail, made him easy to spot as he sailed along the shoreline. Farloft was fascinated by the dragon’s actions. At first, he appeared to be searching for food in the many caves hollowed out of the chalk that rose up from the beach almost four-hundred feet. However, with a bit more observation Farloft saw the dragon fishing for his meals in the ocean and along the plain which topped the cliff, yet he still searched the cliff caves tirelessly. Curiosity had gripped Farloft. He wanted to know what the dragon was doing.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Farloft's Coloring Contest!

Bluekite, my artist friend, has been hard at it trying to catch me in my many moods for posterity.

I think she has done such a fine job that I am going to put them here for you all to see and download if you like.

In fact, I have a Coloring Contest. It will make the upcoming fall months of rain and school drudgery a bit more FUN!