Sunday, December 1, 2019

Farloft's Coloring Contest!

Bluekite, my artist friend, has been hard at it trying to catch me in my many moods for posterity.

I think she has done such a fine job that I am going to put them here for you all to see and download if you like.

In fact, I have a Coloring Contest. It will make the upcoming fall months of rain and school drudgery a bit more FUN!

So download a picture, or have your parent download it for you, color it, take a picture of it, and then submit it here:

On the last Friday of the month, I, Farloft the Dragon, will draw a name from those submitted and contact you to give you the first two of my ebooks.

How awesome is that???

 Me doing the "Happy Dance"
I love Chocolate!

I have a pet named Flutterby. She is a flying kitty. I love cuddling with her.

I love rolling in the meadow in front of my home. The grass is always so cool.

My Happy Face

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