Thursday, November 7, 2013


Greetings my fine friends,

I just flew over to Theresa’s to drop you all a quick note about my holiday plans. ::adjusts headgear for a better fit between horns and neck spikes::

I will be tweeting again Friday, November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving in the US. I know this is a big shopping day for you all, but I thought while you were standing in those boring lines at four in the morning you might want someone to chat with.

I will be anxious to hear all about the “state side” folk’s holiday festivities and details on what you had for your feasts. ::licks tip of nose in anticipation::

Even you folks further afield may be starting your shopping that day. Consider me your welcome diversion. Take a break, rest your feet, have a cuppa and chat with me.

I will be chatting about my celebration with Theresa and her father. We are going to a local inn that I am told has d├ęcor based on the old country (UK) and food enough to satisfy any dragon. ::hopes to share pictures if Theresa can be persuaded to take them between courses::

I also will have a lovely surprise for you. ::Grins with hidden delight and ruffles wings in excitement:: Theresa is having the first volume of my Farloft Chronicles made into an audio version. She has engaged a smooth, talking gentlemen to tell my tale as it has never been told before. And the wonderful thing is it is going to be FREE!

Been hearing “I’m bored” too much from the hatchlings lately? Download my audio book and have an entire hour and a half of peace and quiet.

Purchased a tablet for the hatchling or youngling this Holiday? Fill it with Dragons… Download the free audio and the other three books in my Farloft Chronicles. (Four, if Theresa gets the fifth volume finished by Christmas as she promised me.) ::crinkles brow in consternation::

Well, I must go now. Theresa is going through tweeter withdrawal and demanding I get off her account. ::huffs smoke in Theresa’s face to gain additional time::

Until, November 29th, may your skies be clear and may the wind hold you gently in its embrace.

Your friend,
Farloft, the Dragon

PS – The kittie's name is Flutterby! 
         ::cuddles kittie close to chest in big green paws::