Friday, January 17, 2014

My 1st Interview with Katherine Logan

Greeting Everyone,

Yesterday Theresa and I sat down with Kathy to chat for a bit. This is the resulting interview.
Thank you, Kathy ::grins while doing the Happy Dance::

Friday, January 17, 2014

Interview with Theresa Snyder and Farloft

Well, I must admit, this is one of the most unusual interviews I've done on Tabor Lane. My guest today is author Theresa Snyder and her dear friend, Farloft, the dragon.

Q: Theresa, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself? How long you have been writing and how many books you have published.

Theresa: I am an indie author who runs the printshop at the local community college in order to pay the bills. My dream is to one day make a living from my writing.  It seems like I have been writing all my life, but I just published my first book on Kindle May of last year. I had twelve books I wrote since 1990 – six science fiction, five fantasy and one memoir. I achieved my 2013 goal by getting them all published. I posted the last fantasy to Kindle December 28th.

Farloft: That was the fifth in The Farloft Chronicles, my stories. ::puffs out chest with pride::

Q: Farloft, why don’t you tell us about yourself? I discovered you on Twitter. Do you tweet often?

Farloft: I am rather old for a dragon – over 1,000 of your human years, but I am young at heart and I do love to tweet. ::grins and nudges Theresa with wing tip::

Theresa: He tweets on my account the last Friday of each month.

Q: You don’t have your own account, Farloft?

Theresa: I can answer that question. No! He has to come to my house to Tweet and unfortunately my home is not equipped for dragon occupation for more than a 48 hour period. I think my elderly dad and our cat Jewel are very tolerant having a dragon stay overnight for a weekend. He is quite a tripping hazard.

Farloft: Oh, come on.  ::hangs head, ears drooping:: Dad and Jewel love me and love when I bring Flutterby visiting.

Q: Flutterby? Isn’t that the flying cat someone gave you on twitter?

Farloft: It certainly is. She has been my constant companion since she came to me. I wrote a story about her on my blog. She and Jewel huggle when I visit.

Q: Huggle?

Farloft: A technical dragon term for a cross between a snuggle and a hug. ::encircles Kathy with both wings and huggles: A huggle! ::grins at surprised interviewer::

Q: ::straightens blouse and smooth hair back down:: You have a Blog?

Farloft: Yes. “Farloft’s Rhetoric” - my musings, comments and tales. I have a fun contest currently running. I may set up a facebook page soon.

Theresa: Absolutely not. Twitter and a blog are quite sufficient for a dragon. If you had a facebook page you would have to live at my house. He doesn’t have computer access at home.

Q: That brings up a thought… What do the neighbors think when Farloft comes to visit?

Theresa: We try to keep it as quiet as possible, but Farloft has to be up by midnight to tweet to his UK friends and usually goes until 8:00 pm that following evening to be able to talk to his friends in Singapore. He tends to hum when he is happy, so he usually has the whole neighborhood up by 5:00 am.

Farloft: My personal best is 22 hours with 568 tweets. ::thrashes tail in excitement knocking potted plant to floor:: Oops! Sorry…

Q: We know you two are old friends. Can you tell me what habits each of you has that drive the other nuts?

Theresa: He has a story for every occasion. He’s like the dragon form of Abraham Lincoln. You can’t get a word in edgewise.

Farloft: She snores. ::sticks out tongue::

Q: What’s the difference between you and most other people?

Theresa: Isn’t that obvious? I have a dragon for a houseguest on a regular basis. ::reaches over and pats Farloft on his shoulder::

Farloft: I am not ‘most people.’ I am a dragon as you can see. ::extends green iridescent wings as far as walls allow:: No comparison can be made.

Q: Most people who follow me know I am a runner. Can you tell us what hobbies or sports you each enjoy?

Theresa: I like gardening. Flowers and fruit are my specialty.

Farloft: She grows the best apples. Honey roasted apples are my favorite. ::blows smoke ring at ceiling::

Theresa: He does the roasting, obviously…
Q: Sounds like you are both homebodies.

Theresa: I am a Taurus and very home oriented, but I love to travel. I joke about being born in the year of the dragon and that is why Farloft and I are so close.

Farloft: Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt in being able to channel my thoughts. ::absently puffs another smoke ring and skewers it with claw on index finger::

Q:  Speaking of that, are you working on the next title in the Farloft Chronicles?  Can you give us a teaser?

Theresa: I am. The story was prompted by a person who tweeted with Farloft in December. They asked how we met. I believe Farloft is going to tell us that story.

Farloft: It is a very, very long story. ::smiles and nudges Theresa with wing:: I have known Theresa since she was 5 years old.
Q: What is the biggest challenge of being Farloft’s Chronicler?
Theresa: He has a habit of wondering far from the original subject at times. It is hard to keep him on point.

::frowns and puffs smoke in Theresa’s face::

Theresa: Hey, stop that…Behave…You’re going to set off the smoke alarm again.

::waves a wing to dissipate the smoke::
Q: And your greatest challenge of working with Theresa?
Farloft: Her inability to keep up with my train of thought. ::grins toothily and licks Theresa’s cheek in a dragonic show of affection::
On that note I would like to thank everyone for joining us today.

Theresa and Farloft can be found on the following social media sites: Amazon Books Theresa’s Blog Farloft’s Blog Twitter Facebook Goodreads 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Win a Full Set of The Farloft Chronicles - 5 Volumes

Greetings My Friends,

I will be giving away a full set of my books, The Farloft Chronicles the last Friday of each month through 2014.

YOU can be the happy recipient. ::golden eyes whirl in delight::

You have seen my button pins/badges on twitter. A few of my followers have taken them on their travels. I love to see new places ::ruffles wings in excitement::

Theresa started a scrapbook for me with the pictures they have sent me on Twitter.

The buttons are now available in two sizes 1-1/4" and 2 -1/4"

You will be asking yourself, "How do I win My set of The Farloft Chronicles?"

Here is how... ::grins toothy smile in anticipation::

Pick up your button here:

Wear your button. Place your button in a unique setting. Take me traveling. Take a picture of my button with fun in mind. (I am an old fashioned dragon so no erotica please. ::shakes head and grins::)

Then post your photo on Twitter with a link to my friend @TheresaSnyder19
This will enter you in the contest.
Theresa will collect them, compile them into new scrapbook pages for me. (Which I will post on Twitter the last Friday of the month, and here for archival purposes. So you can always show them off to your friends.)

Cut off day for entries will be the 3rd Friday of each month.

I will choose the winner in a random drawing. ::sticks out chest in pride and extends green iridescent wings to full length::

I am looking forward to visiting, traveling and having fun with you.