Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Christmas Story!

A friend of Theresa, my scribe, asked her if she would like to join in on writing a Christmas Story. Alexia said, she and several of her author friends, were going to pen a story together. 

Theresa suggested that all the authors bring their muses along. I was pleased to be invited with Theresa's Spacemen, Jake and Arr (and their pal, Kay-o) and Cody the wolf-boy.

I hope you enjoy the story. Alexia, Theresa, and their friends, had fun writing it.


The fall leaves crunched beneath her feet as Erica made her way down the long driveway to her mailbox. The slightly crisp air held a promise of joy and hope for the coming holidays. But inside, Erica felt anything but joyful.

Sign-up for the "2017 Farloft's Friends Selfie!" (formerly Farloft's Dragon Selfie)

Kitsooki, our marvelous artist from the 2015 and 2016 Farloft Dragon Selfies, has agreed to take the plunge yet again for 2017. She has been working hard and learned some truly incredible skills in the last year. You can see the style she is going to use for this year’s picture in the pinned tweet on her Twitter profile. I know it is going to be super.

Here is what you need to know this year to join in:

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Pack Rat Mage

This is another one of the folks who won in the raffle I posted for a story with me. Bob wanted to see what would happen if Farloft's hoard disappeared and Clearair was left to guard the remainder as Farloft went off to search for the missing pieces. He had no idea how it would play out once my scribe got hold of the idea. *grins*

The Pack Rat Mage

“Have you seen that pearl necklace I received from Queen Sophia?” Farloft asked, as he came into the main part of the cave.

Clearair waded out of the thermal pool in their lair. “It was in the top of the silver caldron with the other jewels in your hoard last time I saw it.”

Farloft sat down on his haunches and gazed lovingly at his beautiful blue dragoness. “You always shine so when you are wet from the pool.” He shook his head. He needed to keep his mind on the task at hand, not his lovely mate. “Have the younglings been playing in the hoard again?”

“No,” Clearair responded with a frown. She sat down close to one of the volcanic cones and placed her paws above it to dry from the heat off the lava far below. “And, you shouldn’t blame our offspring for your misplacing something from your hoard.” She clicked her tongue at him accusingly.