Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Reference Sheet

Last month when I tweeted, someone asked me how tall I was. *brow furrows in a frown* Well, I couldn't tell them. The last time I was measured it was by-hand and I was ten hands tall at the shoulder. I understand from my dear friend Theresa they no longer measure this way. *raises paw and inspects foot*

I also found out, when I said I didn't know, that the other dragons on Twitter had something called 'Reference Sheets.' They started sending me copies of their's. *shifts from paw to paw impatiently* They told how tall they were, what abilities they had, who their mate and children were. It was like reading a family history. It was amazing. *grins knowingly*

I asked Theresa to measure me. She took me out to the garden, grabbed her ladder and had at it. She enlisted BlueKite of Deviant Art to draw my page. I am so pleased to present it here. *puffs out chest with pride*

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Laval - The Wizard

Meet Laval, the wizard in THE FARLOFT CHRONICLES 

Doesn't everyone deserve to have their own dragons?
(Six Books Available in eBook and Paperback)

(Art by BlueKite-Falls on Deviant Art)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

How Big is Farloft? by Theresa Snyder

October 31, 2014 - Halloween

Last night there was a discussion on Twitter as to Farloft's actual height. Farloft has not been measured in years, and then it was in his own Kingdom, so I do not know how accurate that would have been.

I got out my twenty-five foot tap measure once he got out of his soft nest this morning and started to measure.

He is 14' 3" from floor to the top of his head. His horns add another two feet. I wanted to measure his shoulder height, the length of his neck and his head, but he was fussy after his long chat yesterday and told me, "I am not being fitted for a Tux and top hat, please refrain."

I gave him a chocolate bar and he was in a better humor in no time.

I will post our picture from when I lived in his land. You can judge his size by me. I am 5' 8" in my boots.

I hope to have a detailed measurement sheet done of him sometime in the future to show.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Fly with Me by Talon Vurixen

My dear friend, Talon, wrote this for me. He knows how much I love poetry and music. And this poem is music to my ears.

Fly with me, dear friend.
Spread your wings
Take off with me.

Enjoy the currents
Of the heat and the wind.

Shall we go to Scottish lands,
Home of Celtic past and Castle Lachlan?

Atop the canopies
And above the birds,
We soar without care in the world.

Fly with me, dear friend.
Tell me your stories,
Grant me your wisdom.

Allow me the comfort
Of a friend close at hand.

Show me your patience,
Your understanding, and grace

Saturday, October 18, 2014

FanArt - Doing My Happy Dance!

Laura has finished the piece of James and me overlooking the kingdom. 
I am so impressed *ruffles wings in excitement* 
It is so detailed. 
Look close...that's it...zoom in...you can see Theresa's cottage in the meadow by the forest. 
It just doesn't get any better.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

FanArt from Merystic

I am pleased to present another great piece of FanArt 
based on my first book in The Farloft Chronicles,

I think Mery really captured Laval's devious side.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fanart - Farloft & James

James and I have our first piece of Art depicting us together.

A lovely drawing of us overlooking our kingdom by 
Tersethra on Twitter at @LoriDrachin 
*wraps dragoness in a warm wing huggle*

Priceless, thank you!

And...James learning to fly!

The Farloft Wall!

Theresa always has me backing her up at work
*grins and chuckles*
(The view her printshop customers get when placing their orders)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Theresa is addicted to Bluekite

Still more wonderful drawings from Bluekite.
Check out the Artist's process.

Theresa makes me wear her bonnet for playtime tea.

Monday, September 22, 2014

James' 1st Fanart!

M A Gilchrist is a high concept artist and illustrator living in Southwest Florida. Over the years he has taken his creative gift to the food and wine industry, the cycling world, online retailers like Medieval Collectibles, and many more. Inspired by an early love of comic books and cartoons, M A Gilchrist stretches the boundaries of creativity and believability, while maintaining the integrity and sanctity of the objects of the art.
M A approached Theresa a while back to name and write the story for one of his dragons. She named the two-headed, pink dragon, Twin-id. You can check out this unique dragon, along with M A's other work on his site Deviant Dragons
In the meantime, check out this ingenious and unique take on James, thwarted by his in ability to fly. The piece was inspired by my Farloft Chronicle, KINGDOM OF THE LAST DRAGON.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Coloring Contest

Get a load of this entry in my Coloring Contest. 
My dear friend Aviathrym in Alaska did the honor of coloring me in his colors. 
Take a look at the likeness. 
We could be brothers.


Me in Av colors

Enter now! You could win my books.
Each month, a New Winner on Follow Farloft Friday!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Farloft Chronicles Vol. 6

Sarah Hyndshaw has outdone herself in designing the cover for my newest book
*sticks out chest with pride* 
"Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections"

That is Theresa, the Healer, and me on the cover. *smiles toothy grin*

Available Now in Both Ebook and Paperback.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farloft's Scrapbook Page #7

Wow! DS_Books caught me a little ways away from home
Like way away from home...

BlueKite's Portrait of me at My Home

This is one of my favorites. If I could have a favorite to pick from the wonderful three...

*sighs and stretches out paws in front* 

This is my home.

Concept: "The King of all I survey."
*ruffles wings and checks out meadow below for a nice elk for lunch*
Theresa forgot to tell Kite the pool is right outside my door, not in the meadow below.

Pool moved. Kite made the changes look easy.

There is that long tail again. (Theresa asked Kite to get out the eraser.)

Ahhh, me looking like myself instead of a ghost image.

The finished portrait.
Home, sweet home!
Would you like to see BlueKite at work?
Check out her LiveStream doing my portraits.
Click here:

Full Body Flying Portrait by BlueKite

You saw the bust, now let's look at the two full body portraits.

Kite started the background for my volcanic home first. Boy, those trees were hard work.
*huffs smoke*

She was really pleased to hear there was a meadow in front of my home.
(One of my favorite places to hunt)

The first concept of me flying.
My tail is a wee bit too long.
*rubs eyes with paw in disbelief*
 I could swat knights with that one.

Me with a splash of color and a shorter tail.
(Almost finished with this one)

Kite put it all together and made it look stunning!
Home on the horizon...

Want to watch a bit of the LiveStream of BlueKite doing this?
Click here:

My Bust Portrait by BlueKite of Deviant Art

I am so thrilled with the three portraits BlueKite did of me. *ruffles wings and grins* 
Half the fun was watching them come together. 
*golden eyes whirl*

I wanted to share that excitement with you.

First the bust picture
It started as a sketch.

The second one (note my horns and muzzle are a bit short)
I look a bit like one of Yogoloth's relatives ::grins::

Theresa thought my muzzle was still too short and my eyes too orange. I have golden eyes *looks deep into Theresa's baby blues*
She also commented to Kite that the inside of my wings were darker and the tip of my soft nose was a wee bit lighter. (Picky...I know...But you have to love friends who make you look your best!)

Finished portrait!
What a handsome dragon ::grins::
No wonder Clearair fell for me...

Want to watch a bit of BlueKite's handy work live?
Click here:
BlueKites LiveStreaming Farloft the Dragon's Art

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paperbacks & Kites

Greetings all you wonderful Humans ::grins::

Just checking in on all of you. Been a bit out of touch while Clearair and I have been on vacation.
I hope your summer is going well. It is so nice to be home for a spell and lay in the sun on the rock ledge above my cave, and bask. ::stretches wings out and lays down on warm rock shelf:: Clearair kept me flying most of June.

I thought I would just catch you up on what I have been up to recently. A nice chat here on a warm afternoon. So feel free to fetch a goblet from my hoard Farloft's Hoard Fill it with water from the pool and let's chat ::settles in with paws crossed and eyes twinkling::

Theresa has been very busy putting the finishing touches on the paperback additions of my Chronicles. 1-3 are completed and ready for your reading enjoyment. The Farloft Chronicles - Paperback 4-5 will be available by August 1st if all goes as planned.

I was very excited to see them when I arrived home yesterday. I am very pleased with the way they look. Sarah has out done herself on the covers.

My Chronicles #6 is in the final editing stages.

Theresa hates this part so much she ran away with the excuse of going to the dentist for a new crown. All was not lost though, her dentist is the best! He is a man after my own heart. He has dragon kites in all his patient rooms.

I would be willing to have my teeth drilled on for a glimpse of that kite up close. Reminds me of a friend I had in my younger years named Spitfire. Elegant dragon!

Theresa further procrastinated by going to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2." As if she had a dragon to train. ::ruffles wings indignantly::

However, for those of you who do not know dragonology, it is a rather handy film to see. Several valuable lessons to be learned there.

1. Don't antagonize your Dragon (He might threaten to drop you off a cliff.)
2. Keep items around for your dragons to play with ie. logs, sheep, fish etc.
3. Always give your dragon lots of pets, pats, scratches etc. We like to be stroked ::leans into reader for a scratch::
4. Avoid Dragon slobber. It is difficult to get out of clothing.

I have threatened Theresa with no more evening flights through the starry sky if she does not get down to business soon on Chronicle #6. She has promised to have it available for all to read by late August, early September. It is a fascinating story and one that is twice as long as the others because it is all about how Theresa and I met, way back when.

I wanted to remind you all that even though I am on vacation with my lovely mate, Clearair, there is STILL a Contest going on to give away a full set of my Chronicles, 5 lovely volumes, to the best placement of my pin.

Pick your pin up here: Farloft's Hoard

Take a picture of it in a fun setting. Like this one by DS in the UK.

Or this one of Biker Bear.

Then tweet them to Theresa at: @TheresaSnyder19
FaceBook them to her at: TheresaSnyder14
Or, email them to her at: TheresaSnyderAuthor@gmail.com

She will enter them in the drawing. I give away a full set of ebooks each month.


I hope you have a lovely summer, eat gallons of chocolate ice cream, catch fireflies in the evening, and dream of dragons flights at night.

Until we chat again,
Farloft, the Dragon

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kingdom of the Last Dragons - Now in Audio!

Wow! Theresa and Sarah are working overtime lately. 

You enjoyed James & the Dragon in audio.

Now listen to Kingdom of the Last Dragons.

Get yours today!

The Farloft Chronicles in Paperback!

I am so pleased to announce that Theresa and Sarah are working diligently to put all my Chronicles in Paperback. 

Currently, the first two are up on Amazon and the third will be up within a few days. 

Theresa is cracking the whip.
Looking forward to seeing them all available by August 1st if they can stay on track.

Check them out. My friend Yogoloth just got his in the UK.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Exceptional Review for My First Chronicle - James & the Dragon

Thank you R.W. Foster (Rebecca) for your very kind words.
Farloft, the Dragon

Embracing James & the Dragon

Remember when I mentioned finding an author through a retweet of a retweet?

Well, I checked out the author that put out the first retweet soon after I placed How the Dragons Got Their Colors
into my reading queue. And you know what?

I was very glad I did!

image via http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QmKk9W5ey0s/U3bG-jLmXSI/AAAAAAAAGSk/tyFoDZ-g_w4/s1600/JamesAndTheDragon_CVR+by+Sarah.jpg

James & the Dragon is the first installment of the Farloft Chronicles, a fantasy chapter book by Theresa Snyder

So what's it about?

Farloft is a dragon - one of the last of the great creatures that once flew freely through the skies, aiding humans
in need, and offering their guidance to those with the wisdom to listen... but things have changed. Farloft now
hides himself from humans. Their fear and ignorance has caused them to hunt and kill dragons, believing
them to be cruel and hateful beasts.

James is your average ten-year-old boy. That is, he would be, if it wasn't for a plague that swept through the
land that killed about two thirds of his village... including his family. The villagers are desperate, not even having
enough to feed their own families, due to the losses the plague has wrought, and no one is willing to take James
into their home.

One day, Farloft discovers James after an accident comes close to taking the boy's life. Farloft knows a terrible
blizzard is about to arrive in the region, and sees no choice but to take the boy into his cave in order to keep him
safe until the storm passes.

Attention grabbing, right?

You can see why I downloaded this one. Well, you see part of the reason, that is. 

The other part is that Snyder has written quite a few ebooks of both the fantasy and sci fi persuasion, and a
pretty hefty amount of them are not written for children. In truth, I was excited about all of them. They all seemed
to be great examples of fluid storytelling. 

I chose this one because her twitter feed made it obvious that she had a great love of dragons, which meant her
love for them would shine through in this ebook.

And I was right.

Farloft was not only believable, but also a character that could be identified with. Everyone has felt betrayed,
forgotten, or just flat-out lonely at some point. We've also all felt the hope that this wouldn't last, that somebody
would accept us for who we are.

James brought out similar feelings. He felt lost, alone, and unwanted, yet he also had a warm heart. 

Interestingly, it wasn't my intention to review James & the Dragon today. It had been in my queue for about a month,
but I had a few more to read before starting this one.

But I was falling behind.

Last night, I realized that I wasn't going to finish my current ebook in time. Because of this, I moved Snyder's
ebook up the line and resigned myself to staying up long past my normal bedtime. It was short, after all, and
since it was a children's fantasy, I figured I could have it completed in an around two hours.

I finished it in less than one.

This isn't because it was an easy read. I mean, it was, but that's not why I was able to get through it so quickly.
Rather, this ebook was filled with drama, action, and detail that allowed my eyes to race across each page while
still reading each word. The world of Farloft came alive, and the characters' emotions rang true.

After a while, I began to realize that Snyder wrote an ebook that appealed to a wide age range, even though it was
clearly written for children in the fifth grade (roughly). While the word choices were simple, they were also insightful
and necessary.

It never felt like she was speaking down to her audience, nor did it feel like she was speaking above

Rather, She masterfully weaved her words together in a manner that would attract more than just the age group
she focused on. I loved it, feeling as though I was standing within the world of the Farloft Chronicles, and I believe
my five year old daughter would be able to love it just as much.

That's a 30+ year age range, for those of you that are wondering. Wow!

There's just one more piece of awesomeness that I wanted to share with you:

Theresa Snyder participates in the Authorgraph program, which means that if you want to have an autographed
copy of James & the Dragon, she'll be happy to oblige! Simply go to the Farloft's Rhetoric  page and find the
Authorgraph box on her sidebar. Choose your book, and voila!

How awesome is that?!

James & the Dragon can be found on KindleNook, and Smashwords, as well as Scribd.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologist

Theresa and Cheri M. have asked me to comment on their launch of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists . I, being a dragon of considerable age, can tell you ‘It is about time!’

I look forward to my two friends (I hope I can count Cheri among my friends and not trespass on what Keensight sees as ‘his property.’ He appears to be a very territorial dragon) setting long held misconceptions to rights. Let me expound…

I do not, and never have, eaten a human. In my land the type that could possibly push me to such an extreme action are not to be consumed by any rational dragon. Personal hygiene is not of top priority for blustering dragon slayers. This is not to say that I have not roasted, stomped on, clawed, or bitten my share of humans during battle. War always brings casualties and Dragons are very difficult to kill. For humans sometimes you are the poker, but most times you are the one being poked.

I also would appreciate it being set to rights that I DO NOT eat domesticated animals, this includes your dog, cat, rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats, cow, donkey, and horses. I happen to like wild game, elk being my favorite. ::licks muzzle with long pink tongue at the mere thought of a hindquarter of elk:: They are large enough to make them worth the killing. 

I also happen to have a cat of my own, Flutterby , and I am acquainted with several horses which I am on first name basis, Theresa’s sometimes annoying steed, Knicker, and Sarah’s mare Tolly. Both worth the time to pass a few words with if encountered.

There was heavy discussion among the ladies on Twitter that I might take exception and eat their sheep. I assure you that the wool is very repulsive and tends to get stuck in your teeth. My word, they went on about it. They were making armor for the little beasties and having jousting contests to get them ready for defending themselves. My lovely Maltese temptress, took the photo below to prove that I do not eat sheep. Note, they are placidly grazing. (Thank you Sweetheart! ::throws wing kisses:: )

And yes, I know Keensight often threatens to eat Cheri’s goats, but he also threatens to eat her on occasion and she is still here. ::grins::

So I raise a wing and salute to the forming of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologist! My vast reservoir of knowledge is at your service, ladies. May you bring our clans, culture and history into the light of the 21st century.

Authorgraphs Anyone??

Morning Everyone,

You can now have your own Authorgraphed copy of any of my Chronicles.

Max, a close friend of mine in Italy, requested the Authorgraph for my book 'James & the Dragon.'

He sent me a photo of the page when he received it.
(Theresa actually does them. Dragon paws can't hold pens ::grins toothy smile:: )

Why don't you get your own Authorgraph? Just click on the link to the right, pick your book and it shall be done ::ruffles wings in satisfaction::

Monday, May 19, 2014

Free Flight

Greetings Everyone,

Recently Clearair, my mate, has been listening to me dictate my memoirs to Theresa. She is writing the sixth volume of my Chronicles. I also have been telling her about my adventures with Timenall when I was very young. This has led Clearair to wonder about my many travels when I was younger before I settled in the Kingdom of the Last Dragons. She has asked that I take her on an extended vacation to see the lands and skies of my youth. I am looking forward to sharing my memories with Clearair. *sighs and grins wistfully*

James has agreed to watch over Anna, our daughter, and see that she stays out of trouble. Theresa says she will keep an eye on both of them while we are gone. *winks at Theresa*

*Wrinkles brow and frowns slightly* The only thing I regret is that I am going to have to give up my Follow Farloft Friday's on Twitter. This does not mean I will be deserting my friends. *paws ground in thought* I will be dictating some of my memories, as they surface while Clearair and I visit my youthful haunts. Theresa will transcribe these and place them on my blog.

Theresa will keep track of the Contest entries in my Follow Farloft Give-Away. As I promised, she will see that there is a winner each month of a full set of my Farloft Chronicles. So, keep those pictures of my Farloft pins coming in. You too could win a set of my Chronicles. *Ruffles wings and folds them back in place*

I will periodically jump back for a quick visit. There will be some exciting things happening, which I don't want to miss, toward the end of the summer. I am going to meet with an artist and she is going to have me pose for several portraits, which Theresa will post on Twitter, Facebook and other media links. My newest Chronicle will be published toward the end of the summer. I am afraid I have slowed down Theresa's progress on that volume due to my telling her the story of my adventures with Timenall. She will get back on track later this month. *reaches out and curves a wing around Theresa*

So dear friends, wish me well on my travels and keep me in your hearts. I will be in and out through the rest of the year and periodically surprise you with a visit. ::grins and waves a wing in farewell:: Huggles to all.

Friday, May 16, 2014

References for BlueKite Art

Hi Kite,

I am so pleased you agreed to do my portraits. Here are a few that have been done in the past.
My book cover shows me in my storytelling pose, this is probably my Best portrait:

My twitter picture:
I also have fun and Sarah caught me a bit in 'my cups' at Christmas time:
I am about 13,000 pound and as big as this elephant in relation to the average human:
I have various shades of green from forest to lime green scales. My eyes are golden unless I am angry and then they turn amber. I am old and wise, but have a young heart.