Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Reference Sheet

Last month when I tweeted, someone asked me how tall I was. *brow furrows in a frown* Well, I couldn't tell them. The last time I was measured it was by-hand and I was ten hands tall at the shoulder. I understand from my dear friend Theresa they no longer measure this way. *raises paw and inspects foot*

I also found out, when I said I didn't know, that the other dragons on Twitter had something called 'Reference Sheets.' They started sending me copies of their's. *shifts from paw to paw impatiently* They told how tall they were, what abilities they had, who their mate and children were. It was like reading a family history. It was amazing. *grins knowingly*

I asked Theresa to measure me. She took me out to the garden, grabbed her ladder and had at it. She enlisted BlueKite of Deviant Art to draw my page. I am so pleased to present it here. *puffs out chest with pride*