Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dragons for Everyone!

The art work is complete for the cover of the My "NEW" FARLOFT STORYBOOK. This will be released the day after Thanksgiving for all your hatchlings to enjoy for the Holidays.

The book consists of 9 illustrated short stories and will go up for presale toward the end of September.

Available in eBook and paperback, your 6 year old will be able to read it for themselves, and any child younger will enjoy having it read to them.

For My 9 to adult reading check out the links below my header for you favorite purchasing site.

Art by BlueKite-Falls of Deviant Art

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dragons, Japanese Gardens and Taiko Drums

Today was a very good day! 

Theresa took my books to the Skosh Japanese Festival in Gresham Oregon.

She made me look really good. *sticks out chest with pride*

We had DRAGONS Everywhere... 
Coloring pages
The 1st Ever Dragon Selfie!

She even brought my Selfie Cut-out and boy was it a hit!
Everyone wants a picture with a Dragon... Especially if he's as handsome as me!

We made some great friends.
Kate, the young girl from last week's show, who bought Vol 1 & 2, came by.
She bought Vol. 3 *chuckles* I think she is addicted to me.
(That's her with me above *grins*)

And Kate with my books. Pretty soon she will have the whole collection. *grins toothily*
She says, "YOUR MY FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!!!!!! 😁🐉"
(I think she means Theresa, but hey, they're my stories, right??)
*mantles wings and takes a bow*

There was Taiko Drumming, so I did a happy dance with Theresa.
We made the floor rock! Literally *grins*
We made some new friends, Justin and Stephanie.
They got matching Farloft tattoos.
Looking good my friends!

Hope you come to visit me next time I'm in town.
Life is good if you have a dragon in your corner
*ruffles wing in satisfaction*