Friday, January 27, 2017

Stickers! Join in the FUN!

My friend Wolfool of Deviant Art caught me in my many moods this past week.
She made me some fun stickers to share. 
Every dragon should have some.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Farloft's Dragon Cuddle - Sign-up Sheet

We have had so much fun putting together the Dragon/Friends Selfies that I have decided to do another Group Commission - Farloft's Dragon Cuddle.

This will be a Dragon/Gryphon group in a meadow, with a dragon pile, in front of a castle.

GoldenEmotions has agreed to do the art work. She is an exceptional artist.

Please see the Sign-up Sheet for further details. Cut-off date 2/17/17.

I hope you will join us for this fun project. I am looking forward to a HUGE Huggle!

We have 22 signed up - Let's make it an even two dozen!

Dragon Selfie Cuddles - by GoldenEmotions

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Farloft's Friends Selfie

It's Appreciate a Dragon Day and My Birthday!
To Celebrate my friends and I got together for a feast.
My friend, Kitsooki from Deviant Art, immortalized us.
Thank you Kits!

Top, Middle: Me... Farloft the Dragon

Left side - Going Down (my right): Ranchr, Callak Skytower, Darris Whompa, Darkk, Yoji, Sasta, Zudic, Kor'Zulega, Blue Hasia, Yogoloth, TMDrake and Dofain

Right side - Going Down (my left): Qtho, Storm Gryphon, Levi Currie, GRN Dragon, Aviathrym, Daerevardul, Amrien, Sundavar (orange fox), Enalys, ZephyrNF, Dreccan of Paws, Kyooshi,  Dracunculus, Sulenx

Bottom, Middle: Kitsooki, Connor

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Farloft Pixel Art!

Theresa took me to a Christmas fair this last year. 
We met a really 'Awesome' pixel artist, Mel Paradise

Theresa and Mel got to talking, about me, of course. *grins* Mel thought I was pretty handsome. *ruffles wings with excitement* So, Theresa commissioned a piece from Mel. 

Here it is! 

Don't I look amazing in Pixels? *sticks out chest with pride* I think every dragon should have one. Theresa is going to frame mine and hang it on the wall, so she won't miss me as much when I'm away. *grins toothily*

If you want one of your own, here are Mel's links:

Monday, January 2, 2017

A 'mini-me'

A statue of me made by Lizzy Babizc
Ain't it GRAND?
*sticks out chest with pride*

Here is a better profile.
Handsome devil, huh?