Friday, January 16, 2015

Appreciate a Dragon Day!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day and in celebration I am presenting to you the
*sticks out chest with pride* 


Me with some of my delightful dragon friends. 
(and a lot of help from Kitsooki of Deviant Art)

For a dragon, nothing is really ever easy. We are big creatures. My arms are long, but not quite long enough, so Kitsooki got out her magic wand and her tablet of spells to create this work of art.

Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day!
(Have you hugged a dragon today?)

The First Sketch - Kitsooki thought this was it - Ha! 
*grins toothily*

More of my friends show up - Kitsooki loses track of how many
Canvas has to be enlarged
*ruffles wings and wants to huggle everyone in pleasure*

Kitsooki starts the line art.
That handsome devil in the lower right is ME!

The finished project.
Kitsooki fell over and had to be revived with chocolate. 
Thankfully I always have a stash.
*pulls all other dragons into a huge wing huggle*

My Dragon Friends:
Back Row: Alvaranox, Takumori Softwing, Storm Gryphon, Ran'Chr, Kitsooki
Middle Row: Talon Vurixen, Dofain, Yogoloth, Robert, Zudic
Front Row: Blue Hasia, Arkon, Tersethra, and Me!

Thanks everyone!
I have decided to make this an annual event. 
A great way to celebrate APPRECIATE A DRAGON DAY!