Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clearair, Clears the Air - Her 1st Interview

Many of my friends on Twitter have asked about my mate, Clearair. They have expressed a desire to speak with her, to have her join me on a Farloft Friday, but that is just not going to happen. *shakes wedged head from side-to-side*

I was blessed when my love found me, but she is not a social creature. Her history makes her leery of humans until they prove to her they are worth her time. She is distant with other dragons as well.

However, so many of you have asked, that my friend Bob Miller, suggested I might ask Clearair a few questions and Theresa, my scribe, could jot them down for you.

The following are the things Bob from Twitter was interested in. If you have other questions, perhaps you could ask me on Twitter the last Friday of the month and I could relay them to my mate for her reply.

*cozies up with mate among the soft things in their nest. Clears throat and lays out notes from Bob*

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Farloft the Dragon Reviews - "Pete's Dragon"

I had the pleasure of seeing Pete's Dragon today!
*grins toothily*

Theresa, my scribe and friend, knows the manager of the local theater and he gave her a discount on twenty tickets so I could wedge myself into the back row. I made it through the double outside emergency doors. Luckily the back row has extra leg room for humans. When I tucked my legs under the seats further down, I just fit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pete's Dragon, Elliot and The Dragon Who Tweets, Farloft

Farloft the Dragon friend, Elliot, has had a Hollywood Make-over for the new version of his movie, 'Pete's Dragon.' Here is his before & after photos. From a scaly to a fluffy dragon, what's with that? Did they think he would look more wolf-like for the woods instead of his original location in a Maine fishing village?

I must admit his profile is a lot more intelligent with this new look and loosing the 'pink' was an improvement. But frankly, I wish he had called Farloft or me for a few more tips about Pacific NW dragons. I mean, Farloft is a Native Pacific NW dragon. Casting Elliot is like casting a Californian with a cool tan to play an Indian.

The folks at Pixar/Disney should have a look at The Dragon Who Tweets.