Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clearair, Clears the Air - Her 1st Interview

Many of my friends on Twitter have asked about my mate, Clearair. They have expressed a desire to speak with her, to have her join me on a Farloft Friday, but that is just not going to happen. *shakes wedged head from side-to-side*

I was blessed when my love found me, but she is not a social creature. Her history makes her leery of humans until they prove to her they are worth her time. She is distant with other dragons as well.

However, so many of you have asked, that my friend Bob Miller, suggested I might ask Clearair a few questions and Theresa, my scribe, could jot them down for you.

The following are the things Bob from Twitter was interested in. If you have other questions, perhaps you could ask me on Twitter the last Friday of the month and I could relay them to my mate for her reply.

*cozies up with mate among the soft things in their nest. Clears throat and lays out notes from Bob*

“See, my Love, I told you the time would come when my Twitter friends would be asking to meet you.” *grins* “Are you ready for Bob’s questions?”

*nuzzles my neck* “I suppose so.” *blue eyes look apprehensive*

“It’s going to be fun!” *gives a reassuring nuzzle back* “Number 1 is easy. How did you come by your name?”

*grins shyly* My name was given to me by my mother. She said I was very pale blue when I was born. Like the blue of the high sky above our mountain top retreat.”

“Good. See… that wasn’t difficult.”
*gives dragonic lick of affection* “Number 2. What do you really think of Farloft?”

“What?” *tilts wedged head in question*

“Bob wants to know what you think of me?”

*smirks* “Silly human. What does he want me to say… that I adore the ground you walk on and the skies you fly? After all, you are an international ‘STAR!’” *rolls big blue eyes – then huggles up to my side* “Truth is, you are my Heart Mate. I know you were reluctant to become Heart Bound, but I was not. I have loved you since the moment I saw you playing with James and Adrian, but I will still tail whack you if you mess up the lair.”

*grins* “He wants to know how we met too.”

“I cannot tell him. You said it would be what the humans call a ‘spoiler.’ He will have to read Book 3 of your Farloft Chronicles to find out.”

“Here is an easy one… How high can you fly? How fast?”

“I can fly to where the air thins into space. I am not a fast flyer, but I am very agile in the sky. That was one of the things that brought you and me together.” *bumps head in affection*

*bumps back* “Next question… The English language has different accents. How would you describe your accent? Cornish? Liverpool? Northumberland? Yorkshire? Oxford?”

“Cambridge. Definitely Educated Cambridge.” *winks at me*

“Is that you on the cover of Three & a Half Dragons? You're very pretty.”

“He thinks Anna’s pretty?” *ruffles wings*

“Of course, she is, she takes after her mother. I tell you that all the time. Now answer the nice, but confused, man.”

“No, the dragon on Book 5 is Farloft and my daughter, Anna. I am on Book 3 – Dragon Deception. I am a chameleon dragon. My base color is blue as is Anna’s, but I can change to reflect my surroundings like Farloft’s friend, Elliot.”

“How do you feel about me leaving you to visit Bob and Theresa’s world?”

“We are not joined at the hip.’ *huffs at the thought* “Because I have our younglings to attend to, and you have lived most of your adult life by yourself, or with humans, we can use the breathing room once a month when you visit Theresa. Don’t you agree?”

“Indeed.” *chuckles* “Gives you a break from my endless stories, right?”

“Oh, you know I love your stories.” *places small blue paw over larger green paw*

*turns paw over and squeezes* “Now, don’t get angry… and think of the ones you like… Next Question… How do you feel about humans?”

*pauses and takes a deep breath* “They must prove their worth for me to consider them a friend.” *scales take on a rosy hue* “My human friends are few and far between. I have met most of them since coming to live by Farloft’s side.”

“Do you have any human friends?”

“He already asked that questions.” *impatiently starts to rise*

“No, he asked how you felt about humans.” *drapes wing over Love to comfort her*

*huffs and shakes head* “Things get a bit muddled here. If you read Book 5 – Three & a Half Dragons in The Farloft’s Chronicles, you will see why. I consider Farloft’s scribe, Theresa, my closest pure human friend. She has proven over and over that she is worthy of my trust and esteem.”

“Another easy one… What is your favorite of my Farloft Chronicles?”

“Well, he might think that I would say, Book 3 because that one is about me, but I prefer Book 6 – Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections. I love your story of how you met Theresa. It shows so many sides to your personality.”

“He wants to know if you would like your own Clearair Chronicle book?”

“I just said, I have my own in Book 3. I couldn’t ask for more.” *frowns at the inane question*

“But, Love, he doesn’t know that you answered that already. I haven’t posted it yet.”

“So maybe you should have Theresa cut that one out. I don’t think it adds anything to the interview.”

“I’ll check with Theresa.” *assures her with another nuzzle*

“Are there many more questions left?” *ruffles wings impatiently* “I should go check on the younglings.”

“They’re fine. They are off playing ‘hoops and stones’ with Adrian.” *clears throat* “Do you see yourself as a role model for people?”

“How absurd.” *lays ears back and shakes head* “No, I tried that and it didn’t work. I am a dragon and will always be a dragon, heart and soul.”

“Here’s a good one… Do you like chocolate? How do you get it?”

“Doesn’t he know you are the chocolate fiend, not me? I prefer toffee and Theresa makes the best. She used to make it for us when we all lived close. Now she sends it home with Farloft. She made him a special messenger bag to carry it in. A bright pink bag, I might add.” *winks teasingly at me*

*eyes narrow* “You didn’t have to tell him that.”

“He would have found out anyway if he read Alexia’s interview.” *giggles*

*huffs* “Only four more left… Does air pollution bother you?”

“Wouldn’t that be a better question for him to ask you? Where we live the air is pristine.”

“Okay, forget that one… What do you think of clouds? Do you fly through them or avoid them?”

*warms to this question – eyes light up* “I love clouds. The younglings, Farloft and I often play in them. Those things you humans see on a warm summer day that look like something to your imagination are often things we dragons have created.”

“Hey, I don’t know this next one… Have you ever been struck by lightning?”

“No, and thank heavens for that!”

“Oh this one could be a real long answer. Perhaps I shouldn’t ask it.”
*grins and ducks head*

“What?” *nudges with paw*

“Oh, so now you want to answer…” *grins* “Okay… What is your source of wisdom?”

“Not a long answer at all… Age and experience is often the herald of wisdom.”

“Indeed, as I so often have said, being as old and experienced as I am.”
*lip raises in a wicked grin*

“Wait…Who is being interviewed here?”

“You, my Love.” *full out wicked grin, showing teeth* “Next to last question… Do you have your own personal hoard?”

“You know I never had time to collect a hoard.”

“And I have spoiled you to make up for it, right?”
*flicks necklace around Clearair’s neck with one long claw and sets it swinging*

“Indeed you have.” *bumps heads and licks cheek*

“Okay, last question and probably the easiest to answer…What do you think of Farloft's scribe?”

“I love Theresa like a sister now, but it was not always so. You should read Book 6, my favorite.”

“So ends our interview for today.” *ruffles wings* “If you have questions for Clearair, Theresa told me to tell you to submit them via the email on her website.”

Cleariar - Art by Sarah Hyndshaw

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