Sunday, August 14, 2016

Farloft the Dragon Reviews - "Pete's Dragon"

I had the pleasure of seeing Pete's Dragon today!
*grins toothily*

Theresa, my scribe and friend, knows the manager of the local theater and he gave her a discount on twenty tickets so I could wedge myself into the back row. I made it through the double outside emergency doors. Luckily the back row has extra leg room for humans. When I tucked my legs under the seats further down, I just fit.

My friends all wanted to come too, but Theresa couldn't talk the manager into all of us getting in. She promised they could all come to her house and watch it when it came out on video. My scribe is so nice. *sticks out chest with pride*

Of course, it did cause some excitement, having a real dragon in the audience, but things calmed down once my friend, Elliot, appeared on the screen.

I must say he makes a great second appearance on the big screen. He is way cooler with his Pixar/Disney makeover. He has lost the hot pink of the 70's and he has gained fur like my friend Zudic. *nods head toward Zudic the Fluffy Dragon*


I think it is a bit odd that they left Elliot's fur green, but hey, I know how I love green, so maybe he insisted. *fans emerald colored wings*

Over all the movie was fun, sentimental, sweet, and exciting!

I can certainly relate with Elliot finding a friend in Pete, after all, I have the same type of friendship with my friend, James. He's ten too. Theresa wrote about it in my Farloft Chronicles. In my opinion, dragons and loving humans belong together.

A fan with my book, James & the Dragon

I would like to point out some especially well acted scenes by my friend, Elliot.

I thought he showed his versatility as an actor in scenes which depicted his funny, more playful side.

I will have to help him work on his landings. *chuckles*

His sweet nature with Pete and others shines. *golden eyes whirl*

His more ferocious side (breathing fire and those well executed deep growls - excellent training with his vocal coach) are deliciously frightening. *ruffles wings and tilts wedged head in surprise* I didn't know he had it in him. He is usually such a playful fellow.

But, the scene that took my breath away was the 'capture.' I hope I am not giving too much away, but I have to mention it. He was superb!

Scar, Theresa's shape-shifting wolf friend, had a bit of an issue with the opening scenes. He assures me Hollywood is still getting it wrong about wolves attacking people. I told him it is just for the suspense and fear factor, so Elliot can save the day. He growled and went off to lay in a corner and sulk. I told him maybe Pixar/Disney would make a story about good wolves in the future. He turned his back on me until I told him how Pete howled to get Elliot's attention, then his ears picked up and he seemed to be a little less put out.

In conclusion, you should all go see Pete's Dragon. In fact, see it several times, it is worth the price of admission even if you are a dragon and it cost twenty times as much to get in the door.

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