Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Design a 'Custom' mug on Farloft's Hoard site

I was interested in how Aviathrym designed his great 'custom mug' on Farloft's Zazzle site
So I asked him to walk me through the steps. He not only told me, but he also sent me step, by step screen shots. So here goes...

Choose your mug and then click on "Customize"
Note that there is an "Edit" button to the left - Click it
Drop-down menu will appear - click on "Background"
Choose a color - We chose a light blue
Tah-Dah - Customized Follow Farloft Mug
Aviathrym added a navy blue ring on the top edge too!
My Stainless Steel Farloft Travel Mug
If you make one for yourself, Farloft and I would love to see it.
Tweet it to us at @TheresaSnyder19 or post it here in a comment.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Response to the Five Important "Fs" of Dragonology by Cheri Matthynssens

Cheri recently wrote an article on her blog regarding the Five Important "Fs" of Dragonology.
To recap, Foresight, Fieldwork, Forwardness, Frankness and Fatalities. As I am a very old dragon, I would like to counter Ms. Matthynssens' research with my own research.

My observations of humans has led me to the Four "F's" of Humanity, Faithful, Formidable, Fun and Fleeting.

Faithful - Humans who are befriended and become friends with dragons are extremely faithful. I mean look at Cheri. Keensight repeatedly threatens to eat her and yet she continues to call him her friend. ::shakes wedged head in disbelief::

Theresa on the other hand puts up with me descending on her once a month to chat with my twitter friends. She must endure my humming at all hours of the day and night, sending earthquake sized seismic waves through the neighborhood when I do my happy dance, and repeatedly calming the neighbors over the sight of a 13,000lb dragon in their urban neighborhood.

Formidable - Humans can be quite daunting at times. Theresa for one is very stubborn. Once she sets her mind to something she cannot be swayed. As in the time, when she was a youngster and insisted I wear her bonnet. ::laughs in a deep baritone::

Though she was only 7 summers at the time, she would not take no for an answer, even from a dragon of my size. I am pleased she was not born a boy, later to become a knight. Had she, she would have been a formidable opponent and one I would have had to deal with, or move on to get away from.

Fun - Humans see fun in everything when they are young. It is a shame they grow up. Unlike hatchlings they grow way to fast to my liking. I could have done with a few more years of Theresa and her siblings being young and adventuresome. ::ruffles wings and hums a bit remembering::

Fleeting - Which brings us to my last "F." Human's lives are over far to quickly - the equivalent to a long nap for a dragon. You grow fond of them and they are too quickly gone.

So I say to Keensight, 'Appreciate your human while you can. You may not have her for long.' And if she wants you to wear a bonnet, do it! You might just find you look good in it ::grins toothily::