Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Bust Portrait by BlueKite of Deviant Art

I am so thrilled with the three portraits BlueKite did of me. *ruffles wings and grins* 
Half the fun was watching them come together. 
*golden eyes whirl*

I wanted to share that excitement with you.

First the bust picture
It started as a sketch.

The second one (note my horns and muzzle are a bit short)
I look a bit like one of Yogoloth's relatives ::grins::

Theresa thought my muzzle was still too short and my eyes too orange. I have golden eyes *looks deep into Theresa's baby blues*
She also commented to Kite that the inside of my wings were darker and the tip of my soft nose was a wee bit lighter. (Picky...I know...But you have to love friends who make you look your best!)

Finished portrait!
What a handsome dragon ::grins::
No wonder Clearair fell for me...

Want to watch a bit of BlueKite's handy work live?
Click here:
BlueKites LiveStreaming Farloft the Dragon's Art

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