Thursday, July 24, 2014

BlueKite's Portrait of me at My Home

This is one of my favorites. If I could have a favorite to pick from the wonderful three...

*sighs and stretches out paws in front* 

This is my home.

Concept: "The King of all I survey."
*ruffles wings and checks out meadow below for a nice elk for lunch*
Theresa forgot to tell Kite the pool is right outside my door, not in the meadow below.

Pool moved. Kite made the changes look easy.

There is that long tail again. (Theresa asked Kite to get out the eraser.)

Ahhh, me looking like myself instead of a ghost image.

The finished portrait.
Home, sweet home!
Would you like to see BlueKite at work?
Check out her LiveStream doing my portraits.
Click here:

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