Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologist

Theresa and Cheri M. have asked me to comment on their launch of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologists . I, being a dragon of considerable age, can tell you ‘It is about time!’

I look forward to my two friends (I hope I can count Cheri among my friends and not trespass on what Keensight sees as ‘his property.’ He appears to be a very territorial dragon) setting long held misconceptions to rights. Let me expound…

I do not, and never have, eaten a human. In my land the type that could possibly push me to such an extreme action are not to be consumed by any rational dragon. Personal hygiene is not of top priority for blustering dragon slayers. This is not to say that I have not roasted, stomped on, clawed, or bitten my share of humans during battle. War always brings casualties and Dragons are very difficult to kill. For humans sometimes you are the poker, but most times you are the one being poked.

I also would appreciate it being set to rights that I DO NOT eat domesticated animals, this includes your dog, cat, rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats, cow, donkey, and horses. I happen to like wild game, elk being my favorite. ::licks muzzle with long pink tongue at the mere thought of a hindquarter of elk:: They are large enough to make them worth the killing. 

I also happen to have a cat of my own, Flutterby , and I am acquainted with several horses which I am on first name basis, Theresa’s sometimes annoying steed, Knicker, and Sarah’s mare Tolly. Both worth the time to pass a few words with if encountered.

There was heavy discussion among the ladies on Twitter that I might take exception and eat their sheep. I assure you that the wool is very repulsive and tends to get stuck in your teeth. My word, they went on about it. They were making armor for the little beasties and having jousting contests to get them ready for defending themselves. My lovely Maltese temptress, took the photo below to prove that I do not eat sheep. Note, they are placidly grazing. (Thank you Sweetheart! ::throws wing kisses:: )

And yes, I know Keensight often threatens to eat Cheri’s goats, but he also threatens to eat her on occasion and she is still here. ::grins::

So I raise a wing and salute to the forming of the Society of Enlightened Dragonologist! My vast reservoir of knowledge is at your service, ladies. May you bring our clans, culture and history into the light of the 21st century.

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