Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Justice Dragon- Defender of the Innocent!

I would like to introduce you to a new acquaintance, but I haven't really met him yet, I have just met his human friend, WR (Bob) Miller. *drapes wing over Bob's shoulders*

The Justice Dragon, or JD to his friends, is protected by his Nogginor armor. *whirling golden eyes spy helmet* I made the suggestion that I might be able to try on his helmet. He looks so handsome in it. I have never had armor. However, I was unaware that this helmet is part of his means to fight evil and defend humans.

Here is his creed off his FB page:

"Greetings, my friends. I am the Justice Dragon. It is my honor, and my pleasure, to protect you from the unsavory villains usually called Monsters. Have you not been menaced by one lately? Then you know I have done my duty.

Thankfully, many that remain in your world sleep in the winter, as I do. If an emergency arises, I will wake to eliminate the danger.

Now spring has arrived. I have awakened from slumber, fully refreshed and ready to engage the unnatural threats to our world.

If, in the meantime, you have any questions to ask of me, feel free to ask. My scribe will relay my answers, as my claws are too cumbersome to type on dainty little keyboards.

As always I bid you good day.

Vade cum Deo."

I apologize to JD for inadvertently suggesting an impediment to his defense of the innocents in this world, by his loaning me his helmet for a bit. *ruffles wings in agitation*

I have done my fair share of fighting and I am happy to leave it to the younger dragon generation, of which, I have no doubt, JD is fully capable of doing.

I hope he will consider me his friend and I hope all of you will check in on his developing battle against the monsters of your world.

Art by W.R. Miller

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