Monday, January 1, 2018

James & the Dragon - FREE - Audio Book Download

Here is the audio book version of James & the Dragon, Vol. 1 of The Farloft Chronicles.
Volume 1-6 Available Everywhere in eBook and Paperback


  1. When a story is so nice, you play it twice...Amazing story telling

  2. I loved the book but I am adoring to have it read just for me.
    Thanks for that Theresa

  3. I am so pleased you enjoyed my story, Sonny and Max. It is good of Theresa to write them down for me. ::ruffles wings and sticks out chest with pride:: Dragon stories are really the best, I think ::grins toothily::

  4. Hi Theresa.
    I got the " James & the Dragon", and i started to read the book. It's a nice story and with the audio it is better to understand.
    Thank you! :)

  5. Feeling the love, Juliana. ::wing huggle::

  6. There's many stories tell about Dragons but I Never ever loved a Dragon as much as Farloft ...Magnificent...So kind ....I loved him ...such a Dragon ...Dear Theresa many Thanks :)