Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Farloft Dragon Selfie

It is Appreciate a Dragon Day and MY Birthday!
I am celebrating both of them with the
2016 Farloft Dragon Selfie
by Kitsooki

Left of Farloft from back to front:
Levi Tahaan Currie
Maelstorm Thul-drake, Dofain, Talon
Blue Knight, Cryptic
Blue Hasia, Yogoloth, Lieutenant Chirp
GRNDragon, Storm Gryphon, Tysharina

Above Farloft:

Right of Farloft back to front:
Zefiro Anthagon
Raptor's Fire, Tersethra, Daerevardul
Lemon Hasia, Kitsooki, Ice Hasia, Keensight
Zudic, AmrienFuzz, Haristaan, Arkon

1 comment:

  1. The motley crew together again for their annual gathering of the brethren of the scale beasts. No wonder the manor grounds are so quiet! Not a wing beat can be heard across the snow covered wastes as the dragons are elsewhere doing what they do, which looks like having fun. ds