Saturday, October 12, 2013

Follow Farloft Friday Follow-up

I would like to express my thanks to everyone yesterday for making my first foray on Twitter a delightful experience. ::ruffles wing in excitement remembering the days tweeting:: 

You were all so kind and generous with your retweets and comments.

I wish to thank @Damyantig for suggesting I join everyone on Twitter, and my dear friend @OftheWilds for encouraging me to take the leap. ::tilts head in thought::

I would like to extend special thanks to @Scottishsnowdragon for the lovely biscuits, ::licks lips in hopes there might be some crumbs left on snout:: 

@Balletmuzik for the beautiful rendition of his composition “Reflections.” ::hums quietly for a moment to himself in contemplation::

And, @Yogoloth for being such a good sport. ::grins at the thought::

I was pleased I could help in resolving issues between @CrazyIdealist and @szwrites even though it meant shattering well held misguided beliefs on the young man’s part. ::shakes head thinking of how the truth of stories has twisted over the years into almost unrecognizable tales::

I was happy to assist @DS_Books with Robert’s misbehavior. I do believe he is a good dragon at heart. He just needs a little firm guidance, like any teenager. I will endeavor to provide that as the situations present themselves. ::wish I could see Robert and make sure he isn't currently planning some sort of mischief::

My love to all my dragon clan for spreading the word and joining in the fun yesterday – a particular thank you to @OftheWilds and @finndragon. ::fully extends wings in salute::

And to all the lovely ladies, an assurance, I WILL NOT eat your sheep unless you provide them roasted, I far prefer wild game. No need to outfit them in armor. ::grins a lopsided toothy grin and shakes head at the thought::

And I will defend all the Fair Lady's honor should they require it with teeth and claw. ::inflates chest in pride::

Until the next time, “May the wind catch your wings and the sun warm your scales.”

-Farloft, the Dragon –

PS -        @Lynoth sent me this photo.
                If anyone sees one of these exquisite creatures, please purchase it for me.
    Please…. I have gold…. Lots of Gold
                I promise to take very good care of it. ::ruffles wings in anticipation:: I love furry little things.

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