Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Greetings Twitterlandians!

Greetings Twitterlandians!

Farloft requested that I take to the keyboard in order to remind you he will be on my twitter account again this Friday, October 25, 2013.

He is looking forward to chatting with old friends, as well as making new acquaintances. 

Farloft asked me to pass on a few personal messages in advance of his arrival.

@Scottishsnowdragon – He is in hopes he can persuade you to serve some of your lovely biscuits. He wanted me to tell you he will bring the lemon curd and Devonshire cream.

@DS_Books – Farloft says to tell Robert he is looking forward to talking to him again, in a polite tone, and that he still thinks a day or two in the wilds with James and him would do the ‘whelp’ a world of good.

@Yogoloth – He is looking forward to seeing you again and he wants to send you something special. He requested you drop me a DM with your email for the purpose of delivery.

@Balletmuzik – Farloft asked me to invite you to peak in. He loves music and is particularly fond of your piece “Reflections” from The Garden Within. He hopes he can talk you into playing it for him again.

@Crazyidealist – Farloft said to “Girdle your loins.” He intends to make you laugh again.

@szwriter – He hopes to have some in depth conversation with you regarding your anger issues and your misconceptions of historical facts. 

Farloft once again wishes to assure @adrianeVillano and @alxindia he has no interest in your sheep unless you intend to 1. Remove the wool (it gets stuck in his teeth), 2. Roast them properly with garlic, 3. And serve them with a bit of mint sauce on the side.

@Ofthewilds – He’s looking forward to discussing your relatively new site, Black Collar. He finds BC a fascinating tale.

Farloft hopes all his #DragonWorld friends will drop in to chat and fill him in on their latest exploits. @ finndragons @authorjsmorin @brianrathbone @Macpetreshock @caldraken @aviathrym @modhaiku @kevin_Nielson @kieralianebruce @jorobinson176 @garlanglave @ciaraballintyne @thewritemunz @cripsen @ryndaria @scrytowolf

@amykmcmahon – He asked me to have mom give Belle a big hug for him.

Until Friday,
Theresa Snyder “On behalf of Farloft, the Dragon”

PS – Farloft hopes @lynoth has made progress on finding him that little furry, winged kitty.

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