Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Greetings and solicitations, 

"I would like to provide you with a bit of an introduction." :: ruffles wings and settles down on haunches before the computer:: "I am Farloft, resident dragon in the Kingdom of the Last Dragons."

"I was visiting a friend recently when I was introduced to Twitter via a glowing review" ::smiles a toothy grin:: "of a book in which I am featured, JAMES & THE DRAGON – the dragon in the title being no other than me." ::puffs out chest with pride::

"By popular demand" ::raises neck spines for emphasis:: "both from the reading public, Damyanti G (who wrote the charming article), and my fellow dragons, I have been asked to make an appearance on Twitter." ::raising neck spines succeeds in upsetting headset. Readjusts headset and gets back down to business::

"I am a dragon of advanced age, with I might say, a good bit of knowledge to pass on to my friends." ::fiddles a bit more with headset to get it just right. Blasted things a bit awkward, but gives a very dashing profile:: "So, I have consented to take up my headset and do a bit of tweeting each 2nd and 4th Friday of the month using Theresa’s account."

"I am surprised I had not heard of this Twitter ‘thing.’ It lends itself so well to a dragon. Though I would be loath to tweet like the blue bird on the herald, I do have wings. Also, Theresa has equipped me with a dictating program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. If it were not written with a dragon in mind, why would they give it such a name? 'Dragon' indeed...." ::smirks in the mirror. I really do look handsome. Wonder what Clearair will think of this?::

"We did have a bit of difficulty finding a headset large enough, but finally accomplished the task at the local 'Gear for Big and Tall Men' shop in something called a mall." ::adjusts headset once more and crinkles brow. Gazes at image once more in the mirror over the computer desk. Wonder if Theresa will let me wear it home?::

"My fellow dragons on Twitter, whom I have just recently met, have pointed out I will be tweeting on #FF. I am so pleased they have already established a hash tag in my honor. I understand from my friends that 'Follow Farloft' has been quite successful over the years."

"I might suggest that in order to assist people in finding other friends and followers than myself on Follow Farloft day, we might add an additional ‘F’ to make it #FFF. This might stand for any number of Follow tips:

Farloft’s Fabulous Friends
Farloft’s Fantasy Friends
Farloft’s Famous Friends
Farloft’s Fairspoken Friends
Farloft’s Fashionable Friends...

Farloft’s Fond Friends
Farloft’s Furry Friends
Farloft’s Flamboyant Friends
Farloft’s Fledgling Friends
Farloft’s Flirtatious Friends
Farloft’s Formidable Friends

Farloft’s Fortitudinous Friends
Farloft’s Fulgent Friends
Farloft’s Frequent Friends
Farloft’s Flourishing Friends...

Etc. etc. etc.

:adjusts headset one more time. Contemplates the advantages of hanging a mirror in the cave::

"My thanks to Adrian, the bard in our village, for the splendid rendition of me in my headset." ::nuzzles Adrian in the chest, then affectionately breathes warmly over his head, ruffling his hair::

"I look forward to seeing you all on Friday! Good day Twitterlandians! May your wings catch the wind and your claws embrace the ground."

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::tucking wings and lowering raised neck spines leans forward to whisper:: "I'm on the lower left. Working my way up to the top past those spacemen." 

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Visit Farloft's Fabulous Friend, Damyanti on Twitter at https://twitter.com/damyantig
Read Damyanti's review of James & the Dragon at http://amloki.blogspot.sg/2013/10/in-which-you-meet-james-and-dragon.html
Read yet another glowing review from 1000 Worlds in 1000 Words at http://onethousandworlds.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/i-am-very-excited-to-welcome-theresa.html
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